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Maternity and newborn


More and more people are wanting to have a permanent record of this special time in their and their child’s life.

At Brookes family photography we can help you keep those memories with a special maternity photo shoot.

Although many mothers are requesting maternity shoots, we recognise that for many people they wish to maintain their privacy and so we do not normally include maternity shoots in our gallery.


The photographs shown on this page are reproduced here with permission from the mother and show a variety of the different styles of photograph we can provide. You decide whether you want brightly lit photographs to celebrate your bump or whether you would prefer more subtle lighting that emphasises the shape of your bump.  

Some mothers prefer to be photographed wearing clothes that show off the shape of their bump only, others prefer to wear a crop top, bandana style bra or similar to reveal more detail of their body shape. This is something that we will discuss with you before your shoot.  For those of you that choose a more revealing style of shoot you may of course request that your maternity shoot is with our female photographer.


We offer a “pleased to meet you” package that records your changing body throughout your pregnancy.

  1. Your first shoot is at 3 months.
  2. Your second shoot is at 6 months.
  3. Your third shoot is at 8 months.
  4. Lastly we offer a newborn shoot usually at about 7 days old.